About the Socialist Party Campaign Clearinghouse...

The Socialist Party Campaign Clearinghouse is the central domain for all Socialist Party election activity and is administered by the SP Campaign Clearinghouse Coordinator. The SP Campaign Clearinghouse Coordinator serves under appointment and direction by the the Socialist Party USA National Committee, as elected at each Socialist Party National Convention held during the fall of every odd-numbered year.

The Socialist Party USA National Committee officially embodies the FEC-recognized 'Socialist National Committee' ("SNC") as the governing body of the Party's national electoral fund used to provide national Party financial support to SP candidates for public office. Accordingly, the SP National Committee directly governs the issuance of all expedenditures made from the Party's SNC electoral fund, while the Campaign Clearinghouse Coordinator fufills the legal status and responsibilities of the SNC Treasurer, with respect to filing all regularly required SNC financial reports with the Federal Election Commission.

Additional responsibilities of the SP Campaign Clearinghouse and Clearinghouse Coordinator include fundraising for the SNC electoral fund and acting as an advisor and assistant to Socialist Party campaigns. All SP state/local organizations and prospective SP candidates interested in strategically exploring election-campaign and ballot-access opporunities in their states/regions are correspondingly welcome and encouraged to contact the Campaign Clearinghouse for assistance, suggestions, and discussion.


The position of Socialist Party Campaign Clearinghouse Coordinator is currently held by Matt Erard. He can be contacted by email or telephone through the contact information listed below.

info (at)

(313) 437-2865

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